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Two hands hover near a crystal ball filled with items inside, including "2024", a robot, "AI" and camera.

What’s Next for Ed Tech in 2024

Coming soon: advances in VR and high-tech classrooms, plus even more AI.


Ride the AI Wave: 5 Simple Strategies for Higher Education

Amid the overwhelming noise of AI in every industry, it is vital for campus leaders and marketers to approach AI adoption in a strategic and intentional manner.

A close-up of a laptop and a person’s hands – one hand rests on the laptop as if typing while the other seems to hold drawings of a chat bot icon and chat bubbles.

Why You Shouldn’t Use ChatGPT

AI promises efficiency gains, but they come at the cost of alienation, Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin writes.

A cyborg standing by a blank whiteboard as if at the front of a classroom.

AI Won’t Replace Writing Instruction

And here’s why, Mandy Olejnik writes.

Anxiety, Anticipation and Preparation for AI in Higher Ed

In the whirlwind of developments regarding AI, we must move from anxiety to anticipation and preparation for what the future portends.

A birthday cake with candles reading "Happy Birthday."

Happy (?) First Birthday to ChatGPT

ChatGPT has introduced new tensions to professors’ dual roles as educators and assessors, Jeremy Davis writes.

A tangle of lines goes through a computer screen with a brain and dollar sign on the monitor, coming out of the monitor in all straight lines.

How AI Could Address Financial Aid Office Woes

As the offices struggle to give students consistent information about loan repayments and the FAFSA delay, some institutions turn to AI to help.

Preparing for the Unanticipated: AI Applications in Higher Education

Generative AI (GenAI) has emerged and is developing far more rapidly than expected. How should universities prepare for the impact that may not be anticipated?<