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The Synthetic Professor

We have reached a point in the development of generative AI that synthetic AI professors are poised to enter academe.


AI Reshapes Higher Ed and Society at Large by 2035

There are important steps to be taken in higher education as we prepare for the deep societywide changes that will take place in the next five to 10 years.

Higher Education Has Not Been Forgotten by Generative AI

The generative AI (GenAI) revolution has not ignored higher education; a whole host of tools are available now and more revolutionary tools are on the way.

How and When Might the Great AI Job Replacement Take Place?

While there are isolated examples of wholesale layoffs among a few individual companies, the broad scale loss of jobs has not yet materialized.

The AI-Augmented Nonteaching Academic in Higher Ed

Generative AI will bring innovations, efficiencies, creativity and effectiveness to most who work at our colleges and universities in the coming year.

The AI-Augmented Professor of 2024

It is early August 2024. I am about to begin the fall term of teaching, research, administrative tasks and advising with the help of generative artificial intelligence tools and assistants.

Higher Education and the Four Industrial Revolutions

This is not the first time Western civilization and American higher education have encountered a massive change impacting the mission, technologies and vision of higher learning.

Preparing for Our New AI Workforce in Higher Education

The rapid development of Generative AI has opened the possibility of far more efficient and cost-effective use of technology to assume roles currently performed by people.