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Preparing for Our New AI Workforce in Higher Education

The rapid development of Generative AI has opened the possibility of far more efficient and cost-effective use of technology to assume roles currently performed by people.

AI Digital Agents: Sending Advanced Computer Agents on Personal Tasks

This is not science fiction, rather it is science fact that we increasingly are sending artificial intelligence (AI) agents on our personal and professional tasks.

Uncharted Territory: Artificial General Intelligence and Higher Ed

Imagine a time in the not-too-distant future in which AGI is firmly established in society and higher education faces the pressing need to reconfigure and reinvent itself.


Like a Good Student, AI Is Getting Smarter

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT-4, Gemini Advanced and their competition now have more features than the versions we used just a year ago.


Prompting Progress: Advancing Your AI Skills

Generative artificial intelligence has the potential to greatly enhance your creativity, efficiency, productivity and relevance in nearly every role in higher education.


Lifelong Learning With Artificial General Intelligence

What will it mean to higher education when AI systems carry out tasks at an intelligence level that matches or exceeds humans’?


Integrating Generative AI Into Daily Work and Personal Life

Using generative AI should become as much of a part of your daily routine as checking the weather or taking a coffee or tea break.


How Will AI Disrupt Higher Education in 2024?

Last year was when generative AI infused higher education. What can we expect in this new year?