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A Few Hidden Gems Among AI Apps

In the flurry of launches of generative AI apps this year, there are some gems that don’t get enough attention. These are ones that I think colleagues in higher ed might use every day.

Where Will Generative AI Lead?

Looking ahead to the not-too-distant future, we are likely to see more about biocomputers. Using brain and stem cells, researchers are hoping to vastly accelerate and expand performance.

AI Is Impacting Education, but the Best Is Yet to Come

Generative AI already creates lesson plans, grades assignments, advises students and answers learner questions. Can it competently take on class management and other associated administrative tasks?

The Emerging New Task and Partner for Higher Education

We have a new partner in higher education to assist with fulfilling our primary mission.

In the Coming Weeks, How to Respond to Generative AI

Many were taken by surprise by the emergence of highly sophisticated large language models. Notice was taken last year with OpenAI’s GPT-3.

Remaining Relevant in a Changing Higher Ed

How can you remain relevant as a higher education employee in 2023?

GPT in Higher Education

ChatGPT has caught our attention in higher education. What will it mean in 2023?

A Dozen Years of Decline

Higher education in its traditional form is shrinking.