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Engaging Learners for Relevancy and Retention

Too often we assess our own learning by how pleasant the learning experience is, rather than assessing retention as well as how authentically relevantly and meaningfully those experiences and outcomes apply to real-life situations.

Breaking the Boundaries of Time and Space

An artifact of centuries of schooling history in agrarian cultures, our universities have been bound by semesters, quarters, terms and other rigid predefined calendar schedules. Likewise, we have been fenced in by regulations of states, campuses and other locational limitations.

Google Career Certificates: Heralding the Future

Postsecondary education is broken. The signs are obvious and pervasive. Although not perfect and not a universal solution, Google has launched an alternative approach that illuminates the way to address many of the shortcomings that plague our current system.

You, Your Human Digital Twin and the Higher Ed Metaverse

The concept of a higher ed metaverse is less about replicating the brick-and-mortar university and more about creating a unique reality immersing learners in experiences, creativity sandboxes and assessments that enable learning.

How AI and Associated Technologies Change the Role of Higher Ed

As artificial intelligence and associated technologies extend their influence in our society, the role of higher education must change. We can no longer prepare learners for static careers in unchanging fields.

Collaboration Is Key to Successful Alternative Credential Creation

A tsunami of alternative credentials is emerging to meet the shifting learning needs of those in the workforce. Higher education is looking beyond the dwindling market of 18-year-olds to lifelong, professional and continuing ed to sustain enrollments.

Leadership in the Time of the Great Resignation

Much has been written about the Great Resignation; it is a phenomenon of profound significance. As leaders, we need to look at ourselves, our own practices and our peer/employee relationships to clearly see the path forward.

Artificial Intelligence to Assist, Tutor, Teach and Assess in Higher Ed

Higher ed has not been immune to the Great Resignation. Many universities have long lists of open positions. We are on the cusp of filling some of those openings and more with cost-efficient, reliable and effective artificial intelligence.