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Pale gray hall with five white doors that look exactly the same

A Mistake to Avoid in Leadership Searches

Annmarie Caño questions the pervasive view that the best candidate for a job is someone who has held the same title at another institution.

Responding to the Charge of Brainwashing Students

Saying that you can’t even get students to read the syllabus probably isn’t helping.

Should We Require Ethics?

Yes, more students should be exposed to these important issues, but philosophy departments have it covered.

A close-up of the opening of a generic typed letter of recommendation, with a pencil lying on top.

My Last Rec Letter

The high school counselor’s letter of recommendation is an art form, Jim Jump writes.

3 Questions for Michigan’s Caitlin Hayward

A conversation with the director of research and analytics at the Center for Academic Innovation.

Man holds ladder for woman climbing up blocks with an arrow behind them pointing upward

The Multiple Benefits of Career Coaches

They can help you articulate your career goals and develop a personalized road map for achieving work-life satisfaction, write Mabel Perez-Oquendo and Lindsey Cauthen.

3 Questions for Lance Eaton on AI-Narrated University Press Audiobooks

An audiobook conversation with the director of faculty development and innovation at College Unbound.

The book cover for Jonathan Kramnick's "Criticism and Truth: On Method in Literary Studies."

Is Literary Studies Facing an Extinction Event?

Scott McLemee reviews Jonathan Kramnick’s Criticism and Truth: On Method in Literary Studies.