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The Ethics of Authorship: Is Ghostwriting Plagiarism?

A reader inquires about the ethics of a university president who publishes ghostwritten scholarly work.

How to Proceed With Those Back-Door Hires? Fairly and Transparently

Addressing another anonymous question regarding academic nepotism from those who are left to confront the practical, and real, organizational quandaries it presents.

Entertaining? Technically, It’s More Like Corruption

Unfortunately, though, the second-home scandal at NYU is just a particularly egregious extension of the dysfunctional human resource practices in higher education generally, and a sad comment on who is being attracted to academia these days -- and why.

Nepotism Follow-up: Inconsistent Hiring Practices

Nepotism is just one form of inconsistent hiring practice that breeds distrust, pushing hiring practice into the realm of organizational ethics.

Is academic nepotism a good thing?

The hiring of spouses and friends is not merely transactional; it affects organizational climate.

The Ethics of In Loco Parentis

What if any responsibility do institutions have to help their adolescent students benefit from college, beyond its entertainment value?

Dear AAU: Will you sign the call to make all trial data public?

Here is an opportunity for universities to stand up for what they say they do: research for the public good. NIH: you too.

Ethics of Grading III: Revisiting the Question of Who (What?) Does Grading

The question of whether computers should grade work is a question of professional ethics. Those who teach should be clear about what makes them professionals: their ability to judge.