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Integrating Social Justice in a Mixed-Methods Study

Three practical strategies for enhancing equity and impact in your research.

 Students sitting outside on the grass at a university

The Case for Having Class Outside

When end-of-semester stress reaches its peak, an outdoor class is an excellent remedy.

The New Writing Advice

Two new writing advice books significantly engage the context and the positions from which we write.

Why It’s So Hard to Turn Your Dissertation Into a Book

I recently ran a faculty workshop about transforming your dissertation into a book. It made me reflect on the very long, painful and isolating process I went through when I was a junior scholar.

What Are the Writing Projects You ‘Need’ This Academic Year?

Prioritize your writing projects by determining the motivation behind each.

Opportunities for Change

The changing landscape of work and opportunities in higher ed, with Yves Salomon-Fernández.