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Evolving the Learning and Employment Ecosystem

Five ways institutions of higher education can support the skills-based ecosystem.

Mastering the Art of Quanti-Manipulation

The need for statistical and data literacy has never been greater.

A young woman reading a book.

The Best Reason to Major in English

When did faculty stop believing that it’s important to tell young people to study what they love, Sarah Wasserman asks.

Small figure of a woman pushing up against a large red gavel wielded by a male hand

Who Is a Faculty Peer?

Breda Eubank, Irene Shankar and Mary-Lee Mulholland explore the potential bias in so-called peer evaluations of teaching.

A fountain pen atop a blank notebook.

Students’ Right to Write

In an age of generative AI, Jonathan Alexander explains why it is important to introduce students to as many forms of writing as possible.

Guest Post: Writing as a Tool for Teamwork

A reflection on how a team of writers makes for a better team.