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A fountain pen atop a blank notebook.

Students’ Right to Write

In an age of generative AI, Jonathan Alexander explains why it is important to introduce students to as many forms of writing as possible.

Small figure of a woman pushing up against a large red gavel wielded by a male hand

Who Is a Faculty Peer?

Breda Eubank, Irene Shankar and Mary-Lee Mulholland explore the potential bias in so-called peer evaluations of teaching.

Guest Post: Writing as a Tool for Teamwork

A reflection on how a team of writers makes for a better team.

A pile of multi-colored labels, each reading "HUMAN RIGHTS."

Building a Campus Culture of Human Rights

American colleges are failing to instill in students a respect for the fundamental values underlying human rights, Noam Schimmel writes.

Can You Be an Activist and a Serious Scholar?

How to be rigorous academically, while advancing the goals of social justice and equity.

teacher stands before a desk with various educational items, such as books, talking to a video camera

Can Grad Students Defend Us Against Misinformation?

Yes, if they communicate with the general public, not just other academics, and prioritize becoming camera-ready, writes Betty S. Lai.

Illustration of woman sitting hovering above desk looking distracted by numerous items including a phone and a clock floating above

What Happens When You Think Too Much?

How can you learn to settle down your runaway thoughts, Victoria McGovern asks, so you can focus on doing work you need to complete your graduate degree?