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10 Takeaways for All MarComm Professionals From AMA 2023

Trust, change and culture: reflections on higher ed marketing trends from the biggest conference of the year.

Robot arm holds up man holding briefcase and looking ahead through a telescope as if seeking something

How Best to Use AI in Job Searches

Ketan Marballi describes how to make the most of technology like ChatGPT and applicant tracking systems without losing your own voice in your application documents.

A panoramic view of the University of California, Berkeley, campus as seen from a distance, with the bell tower rising above the other buildings.

Access, Fairness and Graduate Programs in the Humanities

In favoring applicants from elite private institutions, graduate programs in the humanities are shutting out talented students, Timothy Hampton writes.

6 Common Institutional Online Learning Trends

Shared themes from our work with a variety of colleges and universities.

Why Higher Ed Needs to Be Disrupted

But not through the disruptions that the disrupters tout.


Our Chance to Break from Convention

To produce more graduates in tech fields, colleges must change how they think about educational delivery and the faculty role.

The book jacket for Chip Colwell's "So Much Stuff: How Humans Discovered Tools, Invented Meaning, and Made More of Everything."

We Are All Hoarders Now

Scott McLemee reviews Chip Colwell’s So Much Stuff.

Concept of using artificial intelligence in teaching shown with various students at computers looking at a huge robot emerging from a particularly large one

Indecision About AI in Classes Is So Last Week

Professors and administrators from five major public universities provide advice on how to get moving ahead with AI in the classroom right now.