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Woman sits in front of laptop and Zoom conference in home office, writing notes and listening to colleagues during online meeting.

Program Innovation: J-Term Courses Promote Student Development

Gettysburg College offers free, virtual webinars to help learners launch into their lives after graduation, teaching personal and professional skills.

A woman in an office setting stands over a younger woman looking at a computer, helping her.

Student Career Desires: 3 Survey Findings to Know and 2 Areas to Act On

The latest Student Voice flash survey reveals gaps between students’ desired career-related outcomes and how they say they’re being prepared for life after college, and also between first- and continuing-generation students’ parents as career influences.

A student smiles in front of a sign reading Legal Aid of Nebraska

Scaling Up: Providing Experience, Professional Network to At-Need Students

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln created a microinternship and mentoring program to help first-generation and Black, Indigenous and people of color learners identify their professional aspirations and build social networks.

Engineer talking to a younger male apprentice over machinery in a factory/research setting.

Students’ Biggest Career Influences

In this latest set of Student Voice survey findings, students name parents as their top career influence and reflect on the value of experiential learning. Meanwhile, just a third of those soon to graduate say they have definitely decided on a career.

Students pose on the wings of small airplanes at California Baptist University's flight facility near Riverside, Calif.

Positive Partnership: Pilot Scholarship Program Brings URM Students to New Heights

California Baptist University signed an agreement with Alaska Airlines to provide scholarship dollars for aspiring pilots from underrepresented backgrounds, establishing a talent pipeline into aviation.

A shot of the empty University of Tennessee Creamery before its opening in August 2023.

A Lick of Success: College Creameries Merge Science and Work

Universities tie academics to on-campus job offerings through ice cream and cheese shops, marketing student-created products in stores managed by student employees.

Hands type on a laptop keyboard while search icons and the letters "AI" emerge over the keyboard (stock photo with conceptual elements)

Survey: How AI Is Impacting Students’ Career Choices

The rise of artificial intelligence is influencing what many students want to study and pursue as a career, according to a new flash survey from Student Voice. Students also say they want to be prepared for AI and the workplace.

Vibrant full-length shot of diverse group of students studying together at table in college lab

Career Prep Tip: Specialized Programming for Neurodiverse Students

As the number of college students with disabilities grows, more institutions are investing in individualized programs and initiatives to support their career development and workforce readiness.