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A blurry crowd of people with an Asian woman in focus at the center

Is Gun Violence Scaring Off International Students?

Campus shootings have become a major concern for those from abroad, particularly Asia. For many, a U.S. education is still worth the risk—but experts say each incident makes recruitment harder.

Infographic showing that applicants in china are most likely to apply by early decision

Who Are the International Applicants?

New study by the Common Application reveals that many of them are wealthier than other students.

Intensive English Could Disappear Further

Pitt plans to shut down its decades-old English Language Institute this summer. A department chair is trying to save it.

A New Mind-Set for Recruiting Chinese Students

With pandemic lockdowns straining family budgets, it’s time for colleges to adopt a more inclusive strategy for recruiting and admitting Chinese students, Xiaofeng Wan writes.

A Sting Operation, a Sham University and a Settlement

The federal government agrees to undo adverse immigration actions taken against foreign nationals who enrolled in the fake University of Northern New Jersey, established as part of a sting operation.

Expanded Options for Some Foreign Students

The Biden administration has taken steps to make the U.S. more attractive to international talent, including expanding eligibility for some foreign STEM students to participate in a popular postgraduation work program.

International Enrollments Begin to Recover

Colleges report a 68 percent surge in new international students enrolled this fall, following steep pandemic-related drops last year. The Open Doors survey also tracks the pandemic’s effect on study abroad.

New Law Threatens International Recruiting Model

A ban on incentive-based recruitment could have big implications for how colleges recruit international students.