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A photograph of demonstrators holding umbrellas and signs, one of which says "Faculty Working Conditions Are Student Learning Conditions” and others of which say “CFA On Strike!”

Why Did the Cal State Strike End After Just 1 Day?

California State University’s systemwide strike quickly ended with a tentative agreement. Some faculty members are urging a no vote on what union leaders say is an “excellent” deal.

A photo illustration showing the headlines of the dueling news releases, including "92% of those familiar with VCU Health development deal want answers from the VCU Health System board" and "VCU statement about the Commonwealth Poll" and "VCU administration negates Virginians’ voices, maligns Wilder School Commonwealth Poll credibility in conflict of interest over failed VCU Health development deal."

Virginia Commonwealth’s News Release Battle—With Itself

The university’s public affairs school published poll results criticizing university leaders, who then insulted the poll’s methodology. The school fired back.

A photo of Florida governor Ron DeSantis in front of a sign proclaiming his 2024 presidential campaign

DEI Spending Banned, Sociology Scrapped in Florida

Florida’s State Board of Education imposed new prohibitions on DEI spending at state colleges, following a similar decision for state universities.

Photos of Rick Gallot and Jeff Landry

What Does a New Governor Mean for Higher Ed in Louisiana?

Critics fear that Jeff Landry is seeking undue power over the state’s universities. Pre-emptively, some institutions have already backtracked on DEI.

Eastern Gateway Community College Under U.S., State Criminal Investigation

A search warrant issued by federal, state and local law enforcement authorities was executed last week at Eastern Gateway Community...
Exterior view of the College of Western Idaho's campus

Conflict Over Community College Baccalaureate Degrees Lands in Idaho

The state’s four-year colleges and universities opposed a two-year college’s proposed business degree, citing program duplication. Experts say that’s the wrong argument.

UNC Taps Former State Official as Interim Chancellor

Lee Roberts, a member of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors and a former Republican state official, has...

Pa. Lawmakers Block Funding for Penn Vet School

Pennsylvania lawmakers, voting along party lines, denied the University of Pennsylvania veterinary school more than $33 million in state funding...