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A student's hands can be seen taking notes in a notebook while a laptop is open to an online lesson in front of her. A collection of school supplies can be seen on the desk next to the laptop.

The Dept. of Ed. v. Online Learning

The Biden administration’s move to change the rules for online program managers threatens to walk back online learning opportunities and limit educational access, William J. Bennett writes.

An empty college dorm room featuring a bunk bed, desk and chair, and closet.

Affordable Housing Is a Higher Ed Issue

It’s not enough for colleges to support students experiencing homelessness—they need to lobby to improve access to affordable housing, Paul Schofield writes.

A sparkler in the shape of a Star of David, against a black background.

A Wake-Up Call for Jewish Faculty

Jewish faculty and staff need institutionally supported spaces for community, now more than ever, Marina Umaschi Bers writes.

An empty conference room table.

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Board

The ignorance-to-arrogance continuum, the bright shiny object syndrome and more: David P. Haney identifies five dysfunctions common to small private college boards.

A group of five college-aged students holding flags from five different nations.

‘U.S. News’ Rankings Erase International Students

About a fifth of the metrics in the new U.S. News rankings exclude international students, Ryan Allen and Tomoko Takahashi write.

An African American female student takes notes in front of a laptop, engaging in online learning.

Stop Undervaluing For-Profit Online Degrees

Next time you scoff at a degree from a for-profit online college, ask yourself why, exactly—and whom you’re hurting, L. Roxanne Russell writes.

A digital outline of a brain is surrounded by AI-related images. A keyboard is next to the images.

Prioritize ChatGPT Proficiency to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Educators have a responsibility to think beyond cheat-proof assignments, teaching students to use AI proficiently and creatively in the classroom, writes Amy Kristof-Brown.

An overhead view of a densely attended pro-Palestinian rally on Harvard's campus: Palestinian flags are visible, as are signs, including one that reads "Stop the Genocide."

A Duty of Care

In their responses to the Israel-Hamas conflict, many faculty members and administrators seem to have lost sight of their students’ well-being, Ben Sorkin writes.