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A photo illustration of the Israeli and Palestinian flags overlaid over snippets of a few statements from scholarly associations.

Scholarly Groups Choose Between Speech and Silence on War

In the continuing debate over when, and how, higher education entities should comment on political issues like the Israel-Hamas war, disciplinary associations have received less attention. 

Utah Bans DEI Programs at State Institutions

Utah is the latest state to enact legislation against diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives: Republican governor Spencer Cox signed a...
Bobby Scott speaks at a microphone.

House Democrats Counter Republicans’ Vision for Higher Ed Reform

The Democrats’ newly released plan has three pillars: affordability, access and student support.

A photo illustration combining photos of Claudine Gay, Christopher Rufo and Bill Ackman.

How Many Casualties Would a Plagiarism War Produce?

If conservatives and liberals start scouring their opponents’ academic publications for stolen ideas or phrases, nobody—even plagiarism experts—knows how much grist they will find. 

A photo of Scott Green's recently released book.

A Crisis Handbook for College Presidents

University of Idaho president Scott Green discusses the new book he co-authored and the unexpected challenges of the job that prompted it.

Red, white and blue buttons saying Vote 2024 lie in a pile

Higher Education in Political Crosshairs as 2024 Election Heats Up

With higher education becoming more politicized, it’s poised to play a more prominent role than usual in this year’s presidential and congressional elections. The outcomes will carry huge policy implications.

Photo illustration of hands at a keyboard.

When Presidents Plagiarize

Politically motivated plagiarism claims prompted Harvard’s Claudine Gay to resign. Her decision to step down largely follows the trend of other, similar cases.

A photo illustration showing eyes, the U.S. Capitol and a college campus

House Investigations of Harvard, Others Mark a ‘Watershed Moment’

Deep-diving probes into antisemitism, plagiarism and university leaders signal a dangerous new era in congressional oversight, experts and scholars say. Some see echoes of McCarthyism.