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Photos of Penny Pritzker and Claudine Gay

Who Failed Whom at Harvard?

Claudine Gay’s presidency lasted a mere six months. Now, in the aftermath of her exit, questions linger about how the Harvard Corporation handled matters.

An illustration with headshots of Sens. Bill Cassidy and Tom Cotton along with Reps. Virginia Foxx and Elise Stefanik

‘The Gloves Have Come Off’: Lawmakers Ramp Up Scrutiny of Higher Ed

Republicans are eyeing ways to penalize and punish elite institutions amid controversies over how they’ve responded to antisemitic incidents.

A photo illustration with an image of a person with a microphone in front of the Israeli and Palestinian flags.

War in Gaza Fuels Faculty Free Speech Battles 

Advocates for campus free expression and academic freedom say they’ve seen increased reports of squelched speech since Oct. 7—often following social media campaigns and political pressure.

Russia Seeks to Arrest CUNY Professor, ‘New Yorker’ Writer

Russia has placed a new distinguished professor at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of...
A photograph of Michigan Technological University's campus.

Did the Top Campus for Student Free Speech Punish Faculty Speech?

A Michigan Tech professor allegedly called Young Americans for Freedom members “idiots” in class—and was then removed from the class.

University of pennsylvania President Liz Magill, a light-skinned woman with blond hair, at a hearing before a congressional committee.

Penn President Resigns After Missteps on Antisemitism

Liz Magill stepped down after her remarks at a congressional hearing sparked outrage. Her resignation followed months of tension on campus.

University of Pennsylvania president Liz Magill, a light-skinned woman with blond hair

Penn President Resigns Amid Antisemitism Charges

Liz Magill stepped down Saturday, following backlash over her comments at a congressional hearing on antisemitism.

Two men sit in a state legislative chamber, flanked by American flags

No End to Wisconsin’s Higher Ed Budget Standoff

The UW system and Republican legislators have been at a budget impasse over DEI for six months. Leaders reached a deal to free up funding, but the Board of Regents voted it down, putting negotiations back at square one.