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A student researcher discusses her poster with a faculty member

Campus Engagement Tip: Create an Experiences Hub

A centralized site allows students to identify open research opportunities and other experiential learning activities, decreasing barriers to participation for all students.

A student works with an instructor on a machine

Positive Partnership: Short Programs Meet Workforce Needs

Leaders at Clackamas Community College built three- to six-month programs to respond to local workforce needs and provide learners with stackable credits for future learning.

Wrapped in bisexual flag and pride flags, this trio of people are waving small pride flags and watching an LGBTQ+ pride event

Helping LGBTQ+ Students Thrive

Colleges and universities can invest in strategies to include, welcome and celebrate their LGBTQ+ community on campus.

An aerial view of Lawrence, Kansas, and the University of Kansas campus

Kansas Colleges Remodel Gen Ed Requirements for Fall ’24

Colleges and universities in the state must align their course catalogs with new statewide requirements this fall, with the goal of promoting upward transfer for community college learners.

After her graduation ceremony, the young adult daughter closes her eyes as she embraces her unrecognizable mother.

How First-Gen Mexican American Students Define Success

A recent report asks first-generation college students who are Mexican American to define what educational attainment means for them and what helps them achieve success.

The College of Charleston hosts a graduation ceremony at the Cistern

Program Innovation: Getting Learners Involved for Academic Achievement

A longstanding program at the College of Charleston provides a cohort of encouragement and assistance for students not reaching their full potential to excel inside and outside of the classroom.

An empty waiting room with blue chairs

Student Wellness Tip: Making Counseling Centers More Inviting

To promote help-seeking behaviors and encourage students to utilize mental health resources, physical spaces in college counseling centers or campus facilities can reflect feelings of comfort and safety.

Closeup of a young Black man’s hand holding an open book in a library

Report: What Works in Recruiting Diverse Students to the Humanities

New research from the National Humanities Alliance seeks to break barriers to participation for historically underserved communities in humanities programs through highlighting effective initiatives.