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Voices of Student Success: Institutional Change for Black Student Success

Voices of Student Success, a series focused on student retention, engagement and graduation in higher education, takes over this week’s...
A photo illustration consisting of a cellphone in someone's hand and a microphone, with a red slash through both of them. Superimposed on top are words from University of California, Los Angeles, professor Susanne Lohmann's audio-recording ban.

Giving an F for Recording Classes, Even for Students With Disabilities

A UCLA professor whose classroom hosts contentious debates says she’ll fail any student who records. She says it’s a matter of academic freedom. But does federal law allow it?

An aerial shot of the USU Blanding campus

Student Wellness Tip: Create a Peer Support Network

Staff at Utah State University at Blanding employ students to educate and engage their classmates on culturally aware mental health and wellness topics.

Adult teacher talks with a student

Academic Success Tip: Engage Students in Real Talk

A pilot initiative at SUNY Oneonta encourages vulnerability among instructors in the classroom, helping students to see their professors as people and seek help.

Young coworkers walking down corporate hallway

Success Program Launch: Experiential Learning for First-Gen, Undocumented Learners

Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago guides students through career exploration and development in weekly pre-internship experiences.

A picture of the Mindset Matters book jacket beside a smiling photo of the author

Should Colleges Strive to Improve Student Mindsets?

Weaving together narratives from almost three dozen college students, a book from the Aspen Institute’s CEO proposes a new way to think about college outcomes.

A mom and daughter work together on a laptop

Campus Engagement Tip: Webinars Teach Parents About Higher Ed

A new initiative at Alabama A&M University invites first-generation parents to be part of their students’ academic experience through monthly webinars led by student affairs staff.

Student Expelled After Getting Scholarship With Fake Documents and AI-Written Essay

A Lehigh University student with a full scholarship pleaded guilty to a forgery change and was expelled after admitting online...