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CBO Predicts no Pell Shortfall in 2024 Because of FAFSA Issues

The Pell Grant program is expected to run a $11.4 billion surplus for the fiscal year, the Congressional Budget Office...

131 Scholarships Affected by Texas DEI Ban

Texas public colleges are freezing or amending 131 scholarships with race-based eligibility requirements in order to comply with the state’s...
A student walks down a path on a college campus in front of a row of columns

Affirmative Action Fallout Sours Donor Relations

The University of Missouri system is removing racial criteria from endowed scholarships, saying they run afoul of the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ban. Donors feel disrespected—and some may be ready to go to court.

A collage of many faces.

Faces of the FAFSA Fiasco

The botched rollout of the new federal aid form is more than just a policy failure. It’s a human crisis. Inside Higher Ed’s “Faces of the FAFSA Fiasco” tells the story of the students behind the numbers.

Report: Biden’s SAVE Plan ‘Runs Roughshod’ Over Congress’s Intentions

The Biden administration’s new income-driven repayment (IDR) plan known as Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) is “far more generous...
A blonde woman holds a customized Alabama license plate for Troy University with the vanity tag “leader” in all caps

Funding Student Success: License Plate Purchases Help Students Study Abroad

Students, alumni and supporters of Troy University can purchase special branded license plates to display their school spirit and fund student success experiences for learners.

FAFSA, Affordability and Financial Aid’s Future: Key Podcast

The last year has been a hellish one for many college financial aid directors—and, not surprisingly, for the head of...
A woman in graduation regalia stands within the outline of the state of Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts, a Push for Free Community College for All

The first year of a program offering free college for those over 25 was a rousing success at boosting enrollment. Now, some legislators want to expand the program to all ages.