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A group of six college students sits on the floor in a living room/common area having what appears to be an engaged, supportive discussion.

In Admissions and on Campus, a More Self-Aware, Self-Compassionate Student Body

Applicants and current students alike are increasingly comfortable talking about their mental health—and that’s something to celebrate, Lisa Kaenzig and Melanie Sage write.

Six college students carrying backpacks and books walk on a campus.

Report: Exploring the Differences in First-Gen Demographics

New data from Common App evaluates definitions of first-generation students and the impact any parental education can have.

Robot hands fill out a sample college application

The (AI) Counselor Is in

AI-powered college advising tools promise to free up time-strapped counselors and “democratize” admissions expertise for less-privileged high schoolers. Will they?

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona stands at a podium. A blurred out image of the white house is in the background.

After FAFSA Issues, Education Department Faces ‘Crisis of Credibility’

Colleges and universities say they need more honesty and transparency from the department to rebuild their trust in the federal financial aid system.

A graph showing a line going down and the words FAFSA completion following the line

‘Running Out of Road’ for FAFSA Completion

The number of students who filled out the federal aid form is down nearly 30 percent. The ramifications for access and enrollment could be devastating.

A page in a manila envelope reading “Welcome Class of 2028”

Colleges Begin to Welcome the Class of 2028

Applications are up and acceptance rates are down after a chaotic year in college admissions. But a number of factors could dampen enrollment optimism.

Tax Errors Set Back FAFSA Processing—Again

The U.S. Education Department released additional details Tuesday on the scope and impact of the tax issue flagged last week...
An aerial view of the University of Texas at Austin campus.

UT Austin’s Decision Is the One to Watch

The choice to reinstate a standardized test requirement speaks to how testing can be used to support student success, not just admission, Yoon S. Choi writes.