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Student thinking about dollar sign and graduation cap

Weighing Perceptions Against Realities of Going to College

A new poll of high school students found that cost has a significant influence on the college they attend, but so do perceptions about the experience they’ll have there.

Common App Expands Direct Admissions

The Common Application is expanding its direct admissions efforts, this month partnering with 70 institutions in 28 states to offer...
Two colleges campuses separated by a jagged line

Merger Divergence

Two newly consolidated institutions in Pennsylvania saw opposite enrollment trends this fall, raising questions about the link between mergers and head count.

A group of orange silhouettes heads one direction while a group of gray silhouettes with backpacks heads under a marble archway

Growing Enrollment, Shrinking Future

Undergraduate enrollment rose for the first time since 2020, stoking hopes for a long-awaited recovery. But surprising areas of decline may dampen that optimism.

A hotel with red banners and signs that say "Mustang Hall"

Boom Time for Maine’s Community Colleges

Enrollment in the state's two-year system hit an all-time high this fall, despite national declines and the state’s aging population. What’s their secret?

Silhouette reading covid-19 behind a student with a backpack

Is ‘Gen P’ Ready for College?

This fall’s applicant cohort will be the first to have entered high school during the pandemic. Assessing their college readiness will be a challenge for admissions offices.

Facade of U.S. Supreme Court with a red-colored filter applied.

Presidents Break With Supreme Court on Affirmative Action

Most college and university presidents disagree with the decision on race-conscious admissions and think it will reduce diversity in higher education—just not at their institutions, a new survey finds.

A white line graph against a black background depicting a sharply downward trend.

Managing the Demand Cliff

The other enrollment cliff is something that higher ed leaders can actually do something about, write Rebecca Mathews, Bijan Warner and Peter Stokes.