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Phantoms of the Opera

Can the most spectacular of the arts survive? Yes, but only if it adapts to a shifting environment—precisely what higher ed must do.

Have Elite Universities Become Too Student-Centered?

How to better channel their students’ idealism and energy.

The Glories of the Human Voice

Why we should care about choral music.

Is Political Moderation Overrated?

Let’s not exaggerate the value of civility, compromise, conciliation and consensus building.

How to Stem the Retreat From High Academic Expectations and Standards

Yes, it is possible to rethink grading and testing and still hold students accountable.

Reinventing the Humanities for Our Fragmented Time

It’s time to rethink how we teach undergraduates in an age of echo chambers, filter bubbles and polarization.

Diversity and Inclusion on Campus in the Wake of the Hamas Attacks

As colleges become flashpoints for protests over U.S. policy in the Middle East, how can they produce a more welcoming and supportive campus environment?

The Coming Reckoning

A hard rain is about to fall.