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Female and male professor walking and talking animately in busy college or university building with students

Introducing the Engaged Associate Professor

Many of us are stuck well beyond the time it’s supposed to take to reach the rank of full professor, but that doesn't mean we're failing, writes Lauren Monroe.

Woman stands with her back to camera facing large audience and bright light

The Power of Confident and Impactful Communication

Scholars must convey complex concepts in ways that make an impression, write Diane A. Safer and Susanna Baddiel, who offer a toolkit for doing so successfully.

Word “accepted” with asterisk written in white letters on a black background

Bad-Faith Counteroffers

Black and other minoritized faculty don’t receive equitable ones if they receive them at all, which harms both them and their Institutions, writes Jasmine L. Harris.

Split screen image of young woman working at her computer at home casually, on one side, and the same woman working on her computer in professional clothes at an office with a clock and graph on the wall, on the other side

Strategies for a Successful Semester-Long Sabbatical

It can involve continued university responsibilities and geographical restrictions, writes Christine Tulley, who advises others on how to make the most of one.

Three white steps going up toward the right on a dark wall with bright yellow checkmarks atop each.

A 3-Step Process for Gaining a Tenure-Track Job

Susanna Semerdzhyan, a first-generation college graduate, shares strategies that helped her overcome the obstacles.

Questions for Featured Academic Innovation Gigs

The questions you need to answer to promote your amazing job opportunity at the intersection of learning, technology and organizational change.

A man on one side and a woman on the other push together an arrow jigsaw pointing upwards as if to join in success

How to Think About Mergers—and When

In an open letter, Paul Katz, Barry Sagraves and Joe Cerreta advise on how presidents can—and immediately should—begin to navigate a changing environment.

Woman holding briefcase who has climbed to the top of a stack of books and reached a star that is only accessible from the top book.

A Graduate Student’s Guide to Managing Change

Dinuka Gunaratne and Roshni Rao offer advice for handling all the new academic demands and social dynamics, so you can actually thrive through transformation.