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Man with briefcase stands before burned-out light bulb with new bright light bulb growing out of a crack in it

The Department Chair Triumvirate 

Vicki L. Baker shares case studies that shed light on new ways department chairs need to operate in terms of leadership, management and personnel.

Two people stand before a target with an arrow in the bull's-eye; one is holding paper and a light bulb while the other has gears next to his head

A Dream Team: Writing and Career Development Experts

These professionals should collaborate to support job seekers, offering distinct perspectives on composing cover letters and other key ways to communicate with employers, write Katie Homar and Kelly Rownd.

A quilt square created by one of the author's students. One of the squares shows the Star Wars logo.

You Can’t Tell a Quilt by Its Cover

Laura Skandera Trombley reflects on the artful stitching together of a first-semester first-year seminar.

Shot of woman from behind as she walks up staircase into the light of an open door

Advice for Aspiring and New Deans

Jenny Darroch offers five tips on how to start the search process, what questions to ask and, if you get the job, how to set yourself and the institution up for success.

Woman sits at a desk with a laptop looking at an instructor gesturing at a board

Adjunct Instructors Deserve Training

They are key contributors to student educational success, yet relatively few receive adequate professional development, write Anna Conway and Thomas J. Tobin.

Pale gray hall with five white doors that look exactly the same

A Mistake to Avoid in Leadership Searches

Annmarie Caño questions the pervasive view that the best candidate for a job is someone who has held the same title at another institution.

Man holds ladder for woman climbing up blocks with an arrow behind them pointing upward

The Multiple Benefits of Career Coaches

They can help you articulate your career goals and develop a personalized road map for achieving work-life satisfaction, write Mabel Perez-Oquendo and Lindsey Cauthen.

Accepted with an asterisk written in white letters on a black background

A Guide for First-Generation, Working-Class Graduate Students

Lauren Harvey offers advice for those who feel like they’re straddling two worlds: one where they’re unsure they belong and another where their upward mobility is not understood.