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Four people of various races stand together raising their hands and looking happy

5 Ways to Instill More Joy in Higher Ed Workplaces

Kristin McCann, Taylor Alexander, Lauren Isaacman Darga, Daniel Truesdale and Taylor Wallace suggest how to cultivate healthy environments where people thrive.

Large arm and hand pushing group of workers holding boxes of their desk items, as if to leave, away from a desk

Help! I’ve Been Downsized

Alfred G. Mueller II describes a five-step process for bringing some sanity back to your suddenly chaotic world.

Profile of grieving woman with tear coming down her cheek

A Script in Grief

When yet another email or text request feels insurmountable, it can help to have something to fall back on, writes Natalia Molina.

one hand holding a baton passes it to another

2 Strategies for Effective Leadership Transitions

As more leaders depart, onboarding new ones will become one of the most important and strategic moves a campus makes, says Patrick Sanaghan.

Illustrations of hand holding a red pen and writing numbers down from a messy tangled cloud of numbers and symbols

Can STEM Professors Become Strong Writers?

Yes, says Matthew J. Wright, who offers some specific advice for how.

Woman watering a plant that grows up into the brain of a person

Revisiting Mindset

When you read Carol Dweck’s examples, you may see bits of yourself in them—and be displeased enough to want to change, writes Rachel Toor.

International student stands, holding a textbook, in front of a college building

Finding Strength in the Struggle

Roshni Rao describes how she discovered that progress as an international scholar demands active self-advocacy, not just adaptation.

Accepted with an asterisk written in white letters on a black background

Retaining Students of Color in Grad School

Systematic change must be made to ensure they succeed in academe, writes Robert W. Fernandez, who suggests some specific interventions.