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Man stands with hands on hips, with his back to viewer, looking a huge organization chart

A Blueprint for Graduate Student Leadership

It’s challenging to balance it with academic commitments, write William A. Repetto and Ioannis Vasileios Chremos, but there are ways to do so successfully.

Man lying in bed peacefully sleeping late at night; clock on side table reads 1:50 a.m.

In Praise of Napping

Even people who try to live a healthy life during grad school often sacrifice sleep to make room for all that needs doing, says Victoria McGovern. What can we do about it?

Accepted with an asterisk written in white letters on a black background

The Dark Side of Academic Sisterhood

Women faculty members hear lots of advice on coping with misogyny in academe, but the lack of support they may receive from other women is far less discussed, writes Dorina Pojani.

Man in a suit and a superman cape standing on a stack of books with two other stacks to the side of him

6 Powers Administrators Should Cultivate

Daniel Park provides advice on how to approach the daily challenges and conflicts that occur at colleges and universities with the right attitude and mind-set.

Man using a laptop computer chatting with an artificial intelligence asks for the answers he wants.

5 Touch Points Students Should Consider About AI

As the new academic year begins, we must rethink the issue and help students decide when programs like ChatGPT deserve a place in written work, writes Naomi S. Baron.

magnifying glass looking over a manuscript sitting on a laptop computer

How to Review an Academic Journal Article

Michael Tavel Clarke and Faye Halpern recommend an approach that allows those weighing in to act more like mentors than gatekeepers.

Figure stands arms outreached in light looking outward to a cloud-filled sky

Navigating Turbulent Times

In the face of all the challenges, we can overlook that we do have control over ourselves and always have the option of doing a professional reset, writes Jeffrey Nesteruk.

Two women seated talking, the older one giving advice to the other

Beyond the Career Panel

Andrea Webb and Erica Machulak explore four ways faculty members and administrators can foster professional agency among graduate students.