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Man shakes the hand of another at a board meeting of men and women

Presidents’ and Boards’ Reciprocal Relationship

Peter Eckel and Cathy Trower describe the ways boards and presidents must work together to understand each other’s needs and devise ways to deliver on them.

Illustration of a woman at a desk surrounded by papers and open books, with books on a shelf behind her

Scaffolding Text Synthesis for Graduate Students

Katie Homar and Stacy Sabraw explain why the ability to communicate insights from multiple sources to different audiences is crucial as Ph.D.s pursue their careers.

Accepted with an asterisk written in white letters on a black background

Hold Steady or Issue an Exit Ticket?

Annice E. Fisher offers advice on successfully navigating the challenges of leading social change as Black women in higher education.

Hands holding paper with writing and pen

How to Craft a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Mohammed Albakry describes four pitfalls to avoid so they don’t mar your statement’s effectiveness and alienate search committee members.

Woman sits at desk surrounded by books and looks searchingly out window from which a ghostly image floats

Access, Small Gods and Academia

Conversations about job precarity in higher ed often turn to leaving the academy for “industry.” But what, Kay Sohini asks, is the industry for a lit grad?

Various hands bring together puzzle pieces making up a bright light bulb

The Strategy Trap

Don’t prioritize the strategy, which often fails, over the strategist, writes Ryan Hays, as generating better strategies requires cultivating better strategists.

Minority woman holds paper before young man ask if advising him; both are seated at a table with a computer in a room with a blackboard

Creating Strong Near-Peer Mentoring Programs

Natalie Miller and Sonali Majumdar outline how to develop such programs for grad student well-being and professional development.

Sign reading Sabbatical pointing to the right with a flower underneath it

Do Academic Sabbaticals Offer Space to Rest?

Hanna Tervanotko explores questions about the purpose of a sabbatical today, such as whether it should primarily serve the individual or the institution.