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male hands typing on a laptop computer with several pads of paper on the side

STEM Trainees Must Master Writing Skills

Articulating discoveries, gaining funding and forging connections all require the ability to convey ideas, write Mabel Perez-Oquendo and Elizabeth O. Hileman.

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Faculty Mental Health Matters

Many of us have excelled professionally while privately coping with various diagnoses, afraid that revealing them will discredit us, writes Marta Elliott.

Male professor and student sit together at a table working on a paper

Supporting Dissertation Writers Through the Silent Struggle

While we want Ph.D. students to be independent, our practices can signal that we’re not available to support them when they need it, writes Ramon B. Goings.

Trip wire attached to a grenade in a tree

Avoiding Trip Wires

Marisa Quinn has compiled a list of dos and don’ts for newly appointed college and university leaders to consider while preparing for their positions.

Woman at office desk in front of bookcase smiles as she talks to young man, whose head you see from the back

Hiring for Humanity

To create an office culture marked by trust, humanity and collaboration, Diana Lawrence poses a rather unexpected question to job interviewees.

Woman plugs a lightbulb into a rocket ship taking off

How Your Ph.D. Prepares You to Be an Entrepreneur

You can deploy skills you develop as a grad student and postdoc in a variety of careers, including working for a start-up or founding your own, Chris Smith writes.

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Our students have been drifting away, Helen Kapstein writes, but we want them to drift back to the mindset of being challenged and challenging.

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In Praise of Lunch

Amid the stress and clutter of our daily lives, and the divisions straining our politics and culture, we need sustained social engagement, Peter J. Dougherty writes.