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Male patient and doctor during consultation in hospital room

Student Wellness Tip: Offer Mental Health Screenings

A growing number of students live with mental illnesses, although they may not realize it. Colleges and universities can help identify students and connect them to care by providing free screenings on campus.

Two students wearing blue shirts and backpacks smile for a photo in front of a brick wall

Program Innovation: Peer Support for Neurodivergent Students

The University of Montana at Missoula involves students in serving learners with differences and creating awareness of neurodivergent issues on campus.

Female student diligently takes notes while her dog keeps her company on her college campus.

Student Wellness Tip: Creating Space for Pets on Campus

To help ease homesickness, some colleges have adopted pet-friendly policies for students living on- and off-campus.

Two woman walking on a college campus

Report: Texas Community College Students Struggling to Make Ends Meet

A new survey from Trellis Strategies finds a majority of two-year students in Texas have run out of money during 2023, but one-third of students have not spoken with their college about their issues.

Hundred dollar bill with graduation cap on top of the image of Benjamin Franklin’s head

Report: Cost of College, Stress Pushes Students to Consider Stopping Out

New survey data identifies trends among students who left college and those who are still enrolled but seriously consider leaving.

A group of friends embrace each other in a line

Student Wellness Tip: Address Sexual Assault on Campus Comprehensively

To promote a safe and health campus environment, college leaders provide sexual assault prevention education.

Young man sticking a note on a home bulletin board

Student Wellness Tip: Encourage Students to GYLIO

Higher education practitioners can help students stay organized and academically prepared by pushing them to spend time doing nothing but getting their lives in order.

While attending college away from home, a seemingly frustrated young adult female sits with the counselor to talk about her emotions.

Student Wellness Tip: Encouraging Faculty, Staff to PRACTICE Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

An administrator at Indiana University at Indianapolis works to engage faculty and staff in student-centered care through a new actionable and memorable framework.