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Three soccer players huddle with their coach

Student Wellness Tip: 4 Ways to Work With Athletes

Student athletes often struggle with mental health challenges but are reluctant to seek help. These strategies can help provide students with the resources they need, when they need them.

A student lies on their dorm bunk with a book open, on their phone

Basic Needs Support for Students During Academic Breaks

To accommodate students who face housing insecurity over academic breaks, Southern Illinois University implemented new policies and additional resources that address this and other basic needs.

Three seated people in casual clothes speak with a woman standing in a warm-looking campus office space. A large wall sign says "Welcome to Student Support Services."

Embedding Mental Health Care for Students in Need

The University of Alaska at Fairbanks’s TRIO Student Support Services program brings counseling directly to students as part of its holistic advising mission.

Concept image of a casually dressed woman kneeling under the weight of a large boulder she's trying to carry on her back. Tones are yellow, white and black.

Student Mental Health and Pressure to Do Well

Respondents to the Student Voice survey on health and wellness feel pressure to do well at different rates based on mental health, with students who describe their mental health as poor feeling the most pressure. What’s going on and how can higher ed help?

A pattern of silver condom wrappers on a blue background

Student Wellness Tip: Connect Learners to Safer-Sex Materials

Colleges and universities are removing barriers to safer sex among learners by providing free contraceptives and education on campus.

Compilation on Mental Health’s Impact on Student Success

Inside Higher Ed ’s latest booklet, “How Mental Health Can Help (and Hurt) Student Success,” is available today. The articles...
The University of Connecticut campus on a sunny day.

Scaling Up: Incorporating Student Feedback Into Mental Health Services

The University of Connecticut’s Student Health and Wellness department partners with student organizations for feedback and insight on service offerings and challenges in access.

Students carrying books chat on a college campus.

Identifying Effective—and Ineffective—Mental Health Supports

A new report from the American Council on Education offers analysis of different programs with proven evidence to have impacted students’ well-being, and those that are under evaluation.