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A faculty member gives a student a fist-bump in class

Study: Passionate, Self-Compassionate Professors Are Better Teachers

A research study found faculty members who demonstrate work passion and emotion regulation are more likely to be effective instructors and have greater work-life balance.

Multiethnic group of cheerful people enjoying stretching exercises

Student Wellness Tip: Incorporate Exercise Breaks Into Lecture Classes

Research shows exercise can help students refocus during long periods of learning. A new study finds it can be done in a practical way to benefit student attention and peer engagement.

Young adult students at a university lecture, back view

Academic Success Tip: Infusing AI into Curricular Offerings

Faculty members have created special courses and assignments around generative artificial intelligence to prepare students for their lives after college.

Large group of young students talking among themselves while studying in the classroom

Academic Success Tip: Changing Curricula to Appeal to Pop Culture, Niche Interests

Professors get creative in drawing students into learning through novel course offerings focusing on pop stars, aliens and more.

Device screen with a woman hosting a video conference

Scaling Up: Advising Advisers

The University of Pittsburgh provides professional development opportunities for academic advisers and others who support students through mentoring in a virtual summit.

Woman, working from home with a notebook and laptop for online research.

Success Program Launch: Eliminating the Digital Divide

A new initiative at Morton College loans students MacBook or iPads for educational and personal use to close equity gaps for full-time students.

Wide shot of college students working in a student center

Stress, Cost of Higher Ed Remain Greatest Threats to Student Persistence

Three national surveys published in the past month identify student anxiety as the greatest challenge in their educational pursuits, and the greatest threat to their retention.

Students walk on Montclair State University’s campus on a sunny warm day

Academic Success Tip: Weekly Skill Building for Students

Montclair State University launched a campaign this spring to increase academic engagement through students’ personal skill development inside the classroom and across campus departments.