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Five stacks of white printed syllabus magazines sit on a beige table next to a long black stapler.

Academic Success Tip: Create a Syllabus Zine

A chemical engineering professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst redesigned her syllabus as a mini magazine to promote student engagement, share her beliefs and offer greater resources to her students.

Close-up photo of a woman's hands typing on a laptop keyboard.

Registering for Classes—3 Semesters at a Time

Alamo Colleges is allowing students to register for up to three semesters’ worth of classes at once, to reduce uncertainty and better accommodate students’ complex schedules.

Patty Goedl, a light-skinned woman with long brown hair, teaches accounting at University of Cincinnati at Clermont.

Professor Writes Open-Access Textbook to Promote Affordability

Patty Goedl, an accounting professor at the University of Cincinnati at Clermont, spent three years developing her own textbook to mitigate student costs.

An African American student talks with peers online wearing headphones at her desk.

Academic Success Tip: Create Stronger Online Course Engagement

Many students and professors prefer online learning, but optimizing the digital classroom experience for engagement and active learning requires some thought. Here are four student success–focused ways to tweak online learning.

Three students in blue scrubs walk down a hallway in a hospital

Academic Success Tip: Teaching Empathy in Design for Health Care

Two emergency medicine professors created a human-design course for students to prioritize their workplace values in a world of AI. The course taught students to think outside the box and listen to key stakeholders before delivering solutions.

Two Pomo dancers wear traditional regalia at Mendocino College's Native American Day.

Scaling Up: Expanding Support for Native American Students

Mendocino College in California will apply grant funding to continue supporting its Indigenous learners and further close equity gaps through intentional conversations with local leaders and additional staffing to support programming.

Close-up shot of four female students doing calculus problems on a whiteboard in a larger active learning–style classroom.

A New ‘Standard of Care’ for Calculus?

A study from Florida International University’s STEM Transformation Institute finds that using a new calculus curriculum rooted in active learning boosts student knowledge—and grades.

A group of diverse college students chat sitting at desks in a college classroom.

Report: Gaps in Student Belonging in Academic, Co-Curricular Services

Students who have active learning opportunities, receive frequent and intentional academic advising, and utilize support services are more likely to feel they belong at their college or university, according to new research from Tyton Partners. Here’s what campus leaders can do.