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Voices of Student Success: Creating Community for Students in Recovery

Many students on college campuses struggle with substance use and abuse, but fewer have a supportive community they can turn to.

A photo of Sacramento State’s  Esak´timá Center interior, with a conference table, red couch and Native American art on the wall.

Colleges Create Campus Spaces for Student Identity

To help students feel they belong at the institution, institutions are investing in facilities that promote student identity and meet their needs.

Young man shakes hand of man behind table at a convention

Academic Success Tip: Host a Transfer Fair

For students looking to continue their degree after community college, a transfer fair can provide a window into available programs and institutions in the area and beyond.

A screenshot of the MyLA system’s assignment-planning dashboard.

Scaling Up: Using Student Data to Motivate Academic Achievement

A student-facing dashboard on Canvas promotes self-regulated learning and study habits by showcasing course data from the learning management system.

A woman raises her hand a classroom setting.

‘That’s a Great Question!’: The Value of Positive Faculty Feedback

One recent paper links welcoming faculty responses to student questions to better student outcomes in STEM courses, building on other work finding that students benefit when professors are approachable, accessible and supportive.

Two women working together in a library at a table. One has a laptop and the other is using a digital tablet to share information.

Scaling Up: Peer-Coaching Helps Faculty Boost Student Success

Colleagues at Sacred Heart University provide feedback and guidance to one another with the goal of improving teaching and learning within the classroom.

An illustration shows a counseling or advising session with the professional sitting on the left wearing a suit and holding a clipboard, and a young adult on the right, shrugging her shoulders and with a garbled thought bubble above her head.

Academic Success Tip: Engaging and Motivating Student Advisees

Academic advising involves building trusting relationships with students. One adviser explains practices that help students articulate their academic and personal needs while learning to advocate for themselves.

Happy woman wearing wireless headphones working on laptop at home office

Success Program Launch: Incentivizing Academic Success with Scholarships

Penn State World Campus launched a program fall 2023 to encourage online learners to engage in successful habits for their time in college and beyond.