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Voices of Student Success: Improving Textbook Affordability

Affordability is a top concern for higher education leaders, and professors are directly responsible for the affordability of their course materials.

A group of multiracial students talk in the library.

Teaching Students to Disagree Respectfully

Students say they are hesitant to engage in discussions on complicated topics. Here are some ways colleges and universities are teaching them to participate confidently in constructive dialogues with their peers.

Students at Goucher College work in a well-lit room at individual desks on their laptops.

Academic Success Tip: A Course to Improve Academics of Students on Probation

Leaders at Goucher College created a new course to help students struggling academically to engage in effective learning strategies and increase their cumulative GPAs.

A student texts while working on homework at a desk

Texting to Get Tutoring in Students’ Hands

Students in English and math courses at Moorpark College weren’t using tutoring services, but now they can text their tutor to get help at their fingertips. The initiative has increased engagement with tutoring and raised passing rates in the participating courses.

A student gets guidance from a professional during a virtual meeting.

Report: Elements of Success in Online Education

Fully online degree programs have the opportunity to serve today’s learners, but they must remain grounded in the best practices of learning and student support. A report from CHEPP identifies seven areas of focus.

A professor stands in the middle of a circle of students, giving a lesson.

Survey: Half of First-Year Seminars Focus on Academics, Student Success

New survey results from the National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition find three in four colleges and universities offer a first-year seminar program, and of those, many focus on students’ academic success.

Group of happy students raising their hands to answer the professor's question in the classroom

Survey: Why Students Enroll and Why They Persist

Survey data from Anthology identify key factors in student success among U.S. college students, including barriers to completion and how they want to receive university communications.

Four students work at a table looking at open books.

Report: Student Completion Rates Rise With Annual Credits Earned

New analysis from Ad Astra finds a correlation between the number of credits a student completes in a year and their likelihood of retaining and completing a degree.