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Woman, working from home with a notebook and laptop for online research.

Success Program Launch: Eliminating the Digital Divide

A new initiative at Morton College loans students MacBook or iPads for educational and personal use to close equity gaps for full-time students.

Wide shot of college students working in a student center

Stress, Cost of Higher Ed Remain Greatest Threats to Student Persistence

Three national surveys published in the past month identify student anxiety as the greatest challenge in their educational pursuits, and the greatest threat to their retention.

Students walk on Montclair State University’s campus on a sunny warm day

Academic Success Tip: Weekly Skill Building for Students

Montclair State University launched a campaign this spring to increase academic engagement through students’ personal skill development inside the classroom and across campus departments.

Two college graduates walk up a set of stairs, backlit with bright morning light.

Scaling Up: Texas Expands Transfer Degree Pathway Options

To improve transfer in the state, higher education leaders in Texas are working on curricular pathway plans for eight degree programs, helping students earn a degree faster, with less debt.

Male professor addresses a group of students before a white background.

Making Faculty Identities Visible, for Students’ Sake 

A new study finds that students are missing out on opportunities to see key parts of themselves—concealable stigmatized identities, such as learning differences or mental health issues—represented in their science instructors. The work builds on research on the importance of role models.

Senior professor talking in front of large group of his students during a lecture in an amphitheater.

Communication on Growth Mindset Can Benefit Student Achievement

New research from Washington State University finds first-generation students perform better after receiving encouraging messages from their instructor on strategies for improvement.

Four students walk on campus wearing UCF merchandise

Advising on Classes, Life and Anything Else

The University of Central Florida streamlined student supports by merging the roles of academic adviser and student success coach roles into one.

A young woman concentrating as she writes at a table in an academic setting.

Academic Success Tip: Teaching Introverts Confidence and Community

A course at Worcester Polytechnic Institute helps students feel comfortable in their personality type and learn professional skills.