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Christopher Clarke films a vertical video using his cellphone and a microphone on a stand.

Academic Success Tip: Using TikTok to Promote Engagement

Gen Z has been hooked on TikTok since 2020, and professors are meeting students on the app. One professor shares his inspiration for creating videos and five pointers for colleagues looking to do the same.

Young African American woman watching online course and writing notes

Virtual Success Seminar Preps Online Learners for College

Prior to each term, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock collaborates with student support offices to offer an online prep course covering time management, student FAQs and services on campus.

Screenshots of the Zombie Resurrection game, one of a zombie and one asking students to identify a given neuron component (nodes of Ranvier) from a drop-down list.

Academic Success Tip: Teach Brain Science—With Zombies

One professor gave his neuroscience unit the Walking Dead treatment to promote student success. Here's what happened.

An over-the-shoulder view of a university student meeting online with his teacher and fellow students.

Report: Addressing Concerns Around Online Education

A new report from California Competes unpacks the hesitancy around online learning in higher education and how institutions can evolve programs to better support students.

A group of students sits on a lawn at California Baptist University

Funding Student Success: Supporting Local Hispanic Students

Grant funding from the federal Ed Department will support a new program for Hispanic and Latino learners at California Baptist University, with an additional focus on closing equity gaps for commuters and prenursing students.

A digital outline of a brain is surrounded by AI-related images. A keyboard is next to the images.

Prioritize ChatGPT Proficiency to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Educators have a responsibility to think beyond cheat-proof assignments, teaching students to use AI proficiently and creatively in the classroom, writes Amy Kristof-Brown.

Three college students arrive for class with digital tablet. Laptop foreground ready to be used for research.

Report: Native Representation Lacking in Tech Roles

Enrollment in computer science programs continues to grow, but Native American and Indigenous students are less likely than their peers to graduate with a degree in tech. A new report highlights barriers to completion and opportunities for investment.

Ithaca college students attend class

Program Innovation: Preregistration to Help Alleviate Student Stress, Confusion

Staff at Ithaca College created schedules for all incoming first-year students, hoping to make the process easier for students from all backgrounds and ease the transition to higher education.