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Mis-advice on Academic Journal Submissions

An essay provides outdated advice that could hurt scholars, especially younger ones.

Commitment to Diversity at the University of South Florida

The university's former president disputes an article's "mischaracterization" of his efforts to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Academic Freedom or Muslim Students’ Rights? The Answer Is Neither

The perceived choice demeans the rationality and intellect of devout Muslims and diminishes the university practices needed to accommodate Muslim students with respect.

More Presidents Making This Transition

Two more campus leaders have shifted to run museums.

Clear Financial Aid Offers Require More Than Federal Legislation

We can't wait months if not years to address this issue.

Misunderstanding Wikipedia

The online encyclopedia remains deeply problematic as a higher education tool.

Preparing for the Next 330 Years at William & Mary

New offerings in computing and data science are just one element of the college's continued expansion and evolution.

Grants for Doctoral Students Remain Available

Some programs may be ending, but Mellon and ACLS still support dissertation work and early-career scholars.