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Grants for Doctoral Students Remain Available

Some programs may be ending, but Mellon and ACLS still support dissertation work and early-career scholars.

Flawed Survey on the 'Liberal Arts'

Studies that don't clearly define key terms reinforce misunderstanding rather than guiding students and families.

'Stop With the Academic Clickbaiting' on the Humanities

Don't dismiss the efforts of fellow academics—and especially the hard work of junior professors—to keep the humanities vital.

Misrepresenting Seattle Pacific's Reasons for Suing Its State

University officials believed it needed to protect its First Amendment right to hire based on sincerely held religious beliefs and maintain a voluntary academic community based on a shared framework of faith.

How Young People Have Changed

Growing up was always hard to do. It’s getting harder, and universities are doing little to help.

Christian College Policies Are Not 'Homophobic'

Embracing Biblical views of marriage as between a man and a woman does not mean religious institutions are hostile to LGBTQ people.

Stay Aboard the Titantic: Those Deck Chairs Won't Rearrange Themselves (letter)

An insulting plea not to quit suggests workers should be loyal to institutions at a time when the reverse isn't necessarily true.

The Significantly Flawed Analogy Between Joshua Katz and Socrates

Dissecting an unhelpful—and potentially even harmful—contribution to a sensitive debate.