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Magnifying glass is held up over a diploma

Assessing Quality of Microcredentials Is Difficult

Most high school educators recognize the value of microcredentials, but a dearth of available data on outcomes can make them hesitant to recommend nondegree pathways to students.

The letters "AI" in white against a blue background.

First Do No Harm

Jamie Paris asks if international students are being racially profiled when it comes to AI-related academic misconduct.

A silhouette of a military drone that looks like an airplane. The silhouette is set against a light blue sky with white clouds. A serviceperson standing beneath the rear of the drone, is also silhouetted.

Does Military AI Research at Universities ‘Benefit Humanity’?

The Pentagon articulates a research focus that includes lethality. But universities that receive military funding often welcome the money with expressions of pride and altruism—and scant mention of the potential for harm.


Lifelong Learning With Artificial General Intelligence

What will it mean to higher education when AI systems carry out tasks at an intelligence level that matches or exceeds humans’?

The blue and white cover of the 1983 report from the United States National Commission on Excellence in Education, "A Nation at Risk."

The Imperative for Workforce Pell

Anthony P. Carnevale argues short-term Pell Grants are key to fulfilling the decades-old promise of gainful employment.

A keyboard is shown with an blue overlay of code. There is a red button that has a hand on it, indicating stop.

Students Distancing From Distance Learning

The drop has academics cautioning against going all in on online courses.

Arizona Budget Woes Linked to Ashford Acquisition, Report Says

The University of Arizona’s acquisition of an online, for-profit institution has significantly contributed to the university’s financial woes, according to...
A group of students sits in front of computers, each showing charts and graphs on the screen. They are all facing toward the front of the room with their backs turned toward the camera.

Data Science Major Takes Off

Colleges are leaning into data science majors as workforce demand rises and the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded for the specialty skyrockets.