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Mysterious cyberhacker with obscured face standing before a screen with futuristic blue digital code

Yes, University Cybersecurity Is Still a Concern

A year after a massive data breach targeted dozens of higher ed institutions, university cybersecurity spending is at an all-time high. But experts say it is not enough.

Adult male teacher teaching student during a class at computer lab

Survey: How Are Profs, Staff Using AI?

As artificial intelligence becomes more integrated into teaching and learning, college instructors and student success professionals share how they’re using generative AI.

A graphic depicting a blue square featuring the words "LLM: Large Language Model" against a textured green background.

Generative AI and the Problem of (Dis)Trust

A year and a half into the generative “AI” moment, the ability to trust students may be the biggest casualty, Jacob Riyeff writes.

A New Guide for Responsible AI Use in Higher Ed

Generative artificial intelligence holds “tremendous promise” in nearly every facet of higher education, but there need to be guardrails, policies...
A woman's silhouette is running against a black background, with a male silhouette behind her. The male is holding a briefcase.

A New Digital Divide: Student AI Use Surges, Leaving Faculty Behind

While both students and faculty have concerns with generative artificial intelligence, two new reports show a divergence in AI adoption. 

Robot hands are placed on a blue typewriter. The overall background image is yellow, with two pieces of crumpled paper on either side of the typewriter.

Murky Guidelines on Using AI Recording Devices in Classrooms

Concerns about privacy and access mount as more colleges and students use the devices. Experts say the technology should be embraced using “common-sense” guidelines.

British Academics Despair as ChatGPT-Written Essays Swamp Grading Season

‘It’s not a machine for cheating; it’s a machine for producing crap,’ says one professor infuriated by the rise of bland essays.


Higher Education Has Not Been Forgotten by Generative AI

The generative AI (GenAI) revolution has not ignored higher education; a whole host of tools are available now and more revolutionary tools are on the way.