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A picture of security camera zoomed in close, inches from an open laptop.

The New Hall Monitor

David Galef considers the privacy implications of logging on to his university’s Wi-Fi network.

A photo illustration consisting of a cellphone in someone's hand and a microphone, with a red slash through both of them. Superimposed on top are words from University of California, Los Angeles, professor Susanne Lohmann's audio-recording ban.

Giving an F for Recording Classes, Even for Students With Disabilities

A UCLA professor whose classroom hosts contentious debates says she’ll fail any student who records. She says it’s a matter of academic freedom. But does federal law allow it?

An orchard is filled with people milling about. A yellow piece of machinery sits in the middle of the orchard.

AI Taking Root in Growing Number of Agriculture Programs

Embracing the technology could not only boost food production but also prepare students for fast-changing jobs.

Calling B.S. on the AI Education Future

The “queen of the internet” is full of something…


Featured Gig: Assistant/Associate Director of Teaching Development at Sacred Heart University

Another installment of a new series about the best alternative academic jobs in higher ed.

An animated woman stands in a classroom. She is wearing a lab coat and has a whiteboard behind her on the left and a chart examining an atom floating next to her on the right.

Animated AI TAs Coming to Morehouse

The AI avatars—which can look like students’ professors—are intended to answer course questions 24-7.

A series of ascending wooden blocks, arranged as steps, with upward arrows linking each of them, with a graduation cap atop the fifth and final step.

Noncredit Pathways: A Federal Policy Blind Spot

States should lead the way in expanding opportunity for noncredit learners, writes Kenyatta Lovett.

Unity Environmental University campus

An Online Pivot That Continues to Pay Off

Enrollment is so strong at Unity Environmental University that it recently announced it will both raise employee salaries and freeze tuition.