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Chegg Cuts a Quarter of Workforce Amid AI Pressure

The educational technology company Chegg, known for offering students homework help, announced on Tuesday it will cut nearly a quarter...

Guest Post: AI Meets Academia—Navigating the New Terrain

James Bedford on how he’s using AI to help translate the ways of academia to students.

The California legislature building is toward the right of the photo. There are slight shadows across the building

California Bill Would Prevent AI Replacement of Community College Faculty

The new bill comes after concerns from several faculty members about AI’s classroom role.

Ep. 118: Colleges’ Responsiveness to the Job Market

This episode examines how institutions are adapting to growing pressure to prepare learners for work.

A student leans over a desk to look at a computer screen alongside a faculty member

An AI Boost for Academic Advising

Finding courses that fit both a student’s schedule and degree path is getting help from new tech tools.

A red downward-facing arrow is juxtaposed against a $100 bill, illustrating declining stock prices.

Whither OPMs?

The collapse of the online program management market in the eyes of investors points to the need to revise the model, Trace Urdan writes.

Three More Questions for Yellowdig’s Shaunak Roy

On human connections, student isolation, AI and online learning.