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A sign prohibiting smartphone usage, featuring a black-and-white drawing of a smartphone inside a red circle with a diagonal slash through it.

Academic Life Without a Smartphone

Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera doesn’t have a smartphone—and he thinks scholars should be asking a lot more questions about how the devices are affecting academic life.

A cellphone with a pink screen and smiley face with a teardrop is held up front of a backdrop of Harvard University.

Harvard Seeks More Monitoring of Anonymous App After Antisemitic Posts

The university reached out to Sidechat after student reports of “concerning” content.

Hand holds magnifying glass over résumé

Microcredentials on the Rise, but Not at Colleges

A new survey found training partnerships between employers and four-year colleges fell between 2022 and 2023 while instruction provided by third-party providers rose.


ChatGPT Can’t Teach Writing

Automated syntax generation is not teaching.

A photo illustration combining photos of Claudine Gay, Christopher Rufo and Bill Ackman.

How Many Casualties Would a Plagiarism War Produce?

If conservatives and liberals start scouring their opponents’ academic publications for stolen ideas or phrases, nobody—even plagiarism experts—knows how much grist they will find. 

Two sides of a U.S. quarter, lying flat against a white background.

CBE and Skills-Based Hiring: 2 Sides of the Same Coin

The rise of competency-based education responds to the growing demand from employers for skills-based hiring, Jillian Klein writes.


3 Questions for the University of Rochester’s Eric Fredericksen

A conversation with a professor and associate vice president for online learning.

A digitized man wearing glasses sits in a lecture hall surrounded by students, facing a professor speaking.

AIs Enrolling as Students in Michigan University’s Experiment

Artificial intelligences Ann and Fry will listen in to online courses before making their way to the classroom, ultimately eyeing Ph.D.s.