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Universities Follow Student Interest in Social Media With Courses

East Carolina University, once attended by MrBeast, YouTube’s highest-paid content creator, is among institutions seeking to serve the growing industry and creating training programs.


Ride the AI Wave: 5 Simple Strategies for Higher Education

Amid the overwhelming noise of AI in every industry, it is vital for campus leaders and marketers to approach AI adoption in a strategic and intentional manner.

A man sits on an oversize laptop, which has a graduation cap perched on a corner of its screen. There are plants surrounding the laptop.

Future of OPMs in Flux as Regulations Loom

University relationships with online program managers could be turned on their heads in 2024, as the government considers more oversight into OPM contracts.

A close-up of a laptop and a person’s hands – one hand rests on the laptop as if typing while the other seems to hold drawings of a chat bot icon and chat bubbles.

Why You Shouldn’t Use ChatGPT

AI promises efficiency gains, but they come at the cost of alienation, Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin writes.

A cyborg standing by a blank whiteboard as if at the front of a classroom.

AI Won’t Replace Writing Instruction

And here’s why, Mandy Olejnik writes.

Paul LeBlanc, a light-skinned man with white hair and a gray mustache

Paul LeBlanc to Leave Presidency of Southern New Hampshire

Under his leadership, the university grew from 2,500 to more than 200,000 students and was a driver of competency-based learning and other innovations.


Anxiety, Anticipation and Preparation for AI in Higher Ed

In the whirlwind of developments regarding AI, we must move from anxiety to anticipation and preparation for what the future portends.