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6 Common Institutional Online Learning Trends

Shared themes from our work with a variety of colleges and universities.


Our Chance to Break from Convention

To produce more graduates in tech fields, colleges must change how they think about educational delivery and the faculty role.

A computer screen with three sections for student achievements with corresponding badges, including for leadership and attendance.

Let’s Play a Game: College STEM Meets Gamification

Badges, leaderboards and other game elements are familiar in K-12 classrooms, but more university courses are embracing learning through gaming.

Shai Reshef

Affirmation, and Financial Boost, for University of the People

The $3.8 million Yidan Prize awarded to the founder of the free, online university will fund AI tools to help advisers assist students and a new general studies program.

A birthday cake with candles reading "Happy Birthday."

Happy (?) First Birthday to ChatGPT

ChatGPT has introduced new tensions to professors’ dual roles as educators and assessors, Jeremy Davis writes.

Front of the Department of Education building

Biden Administration to Take Another Swing at Accreditation Rules

Negotiations next spring will address state authorization and the definition of distance education but won’t consider use of third-party servicers.

Texas Wesleyan University Hit by Data Breach

A hacking attack targeting Texas Wesleyan University exposed students’ personal data, including Social Security numbers and information involving passports and...
A tangle of lines goes through a computer screen with a brain and dollar sign on the monitor, coming out of the monitor in all straight lines.

How AI Could Address Financial Aid Office Woes

As the offices struggle to give students consistent information about loan repayments and the FAFSA delay, some institutions turn to AI to help.