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A 2 and U are in the left corner, with money falling out of the U

Online Course Provider 2U Faces Doubts It Can Continue

The financially challenged company said it needs to undergo major changes to survive.


Prompting Progress: Advancing Your AI Skills

Generative artificial intelligence has the potential to greatly enhance your creativity, efficiency, productivity and relevance in nearly every role in higher education.

A woman points toward a screen filled with electronic blue dots. She also has electronic text projected onto her

How AI Has Begun Changing University Roles, Responsibilities

While job titles and descriptions have not changed, more faculty are being given AI-focused tasks, according to a new Educause survey.

A paper comes out of a computer screen with red lines highlighted. Two hands are typing on the laptop surrounded by glasses, a pencil and crumpled sheets of papers

Professors Cautious of Tools to Detect AI-Generated Writing

Mixed performance by AI-detector tools leaves academics with no clear answers.

Scientists walking in the corridor from above

Report: Best Practices for Using, Teaching Generative AI in Research

Guidance from Cornell University identifies how artificial intelligence tools should be applied to research, with guidance on navigating the shortcomings of generative AI.

Young male teacher teaching young students a programming class in the classroom.

Teaching Tip: Navigating AI in the Classroom

Generative artificial intelligence tools continue to grow in popularity. Here are four ways faculty members in higher education are teaching about or with AI.

Magnifying glass is held up over a diploma

Assessing Quality of Microcredentials Is Difficult

Most high school educators recognize the value of microcredentials, but a dearth of available data on outcomes can make them hesitant to recommend nondegree pathways to students.

The letters "AI" in white against a blue background.

First Do No Harm

Jamie Paris asks if international students are being racially profiled when it comes to AI-related academic misconduct.