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Empty Old School Desk on Hardwood Floor

Getting Ahead of Ghosting

Kerry O’Grady offers advice for working with students who, with no proactive communication, don’t attend class or miss assignments.

Teacher writes a big C on a blackboard

Getting a Grasp on Grade Grubbing

Over the past three years, the leniency with grading and academic standards has hurt both faculty members and students, and we need to reset expectations, writes Kerry O’Grady.

hands knitting over a computer with a ball of yarn to one side

Why More Colleges Should Focus on Knitting

Among many benefits, handwork of any sort can help students understand different types of learning, create a new identity and forge new relationships, writes Diane Downer Anderson.

Minority woman writes equation on transparent board while instructor looks on behind her

10 Ways to End Elitism in Math Classes

Our current approach often translates into racism, classism and sexism—and leaves many students feeling as if they don’t belong and can’t succeed, writes Felicia Darling.

Artificial robotic arm writing down some notes with pen - stock photo

ChatGPT Magnifies a Long-Standing Problem

It’s catalyzing academe to address the fact that we often haven’t known how much cheating is occurring or sufficiently revamped our classes to deal with it, writes Frank Vahid.

Friend or Foe?

To determine what materials to allow students to bring to exams, Nancy S. Schorschinsky conducted her own experiments and discovered some insightful results.

Teaching Actual Student Writing in an AI World

I may incorporate ChatGPT in future courses, but for now, I’ve developed 10 strategies to prevent students’ use of such technologies, writes Kevin Jacob Kelley.

Let’s Not Bring Back the F

Instead, we should do a better job of assigning authentic tasks that genuinely reflect the kind of work students will have to do after graduation, writes Benjamin Rifkin.