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COVID-19 Lockdowns in 2 Iconic Brooklyn Neighborhoods

There is still a lot to study about COVID-19 lockdowns. In today’s Academic Minute, St. John’s University’s Judith DeSena discusses the response of two neighborhoods in Brooklyn to the crisis.

COVID on Campus

COVID rates on campuses didn’t always follow the socioeconomic script. In today’s Academic Minute, Union College’s Lewis Davis explores why.

Fairness First in Artificial Intelligence

AI is not without bias. In today’s Academic Minute, Dickinson College’s John MacCormick discovers the thriving research field of fairness in AI. 

Kurt Vonnegut’s Continuing Appeal to the Young

Kurt Vonnegut’s appeal to young people continues. In today’s Academic Minute, the College of Charleston’s Susan Farrell determines why a member of the Greatest Generation still holds sway today.

The Swedish Theory of Love

What is the Swedish theory of love? In today’s Academic Minute, Uppsala University’s Lars Tragardh explains.

Is It Really the Hottest in 100,000 Years?

This summer has been a hot one … but was it as unprecedented as it seemed? In today’s Academic Minute, Northern Arizona University’s Darrell Kaufman looks to history for the answer.

Mental Health and Work

Your workplace has a large impact on your mental health. In today’s Academic Minute, Babson College’s Emily Rosado-Solomon explores what makes employees feel good or bad.

Ngiare Brown | Chancellor of James Cook University

Ngiare Brown is the first female and the first indigenous chancellor of James Cook University. Here she shares what she hopes to achieve during her tenure, including making higher education a place for indigenous students