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A picture of the book cover next to a picture of the author.

The Joys of ‘Leading From the Margins’

Hollins University president Mary Hinton discusses her new book, about how her identity as a Black woman from the rural South shaped her approach to college leadership.

A student wearing a backpack walks in a field.

The Economic Returns of a Rural Education

A recent report argues rural-serving institutions offer meaningful benefits to their students, including quicker times to degree and lower prices.

New Report Challenges Conventional Wisdom on Economic Mobility

A new Urban Institute report indicates that job outcomes and economic mobility are more tied to the race and gender...
Dominos with the words legacy, VA, CT and NY topple into one another

Are the Legacy Dominoes Finally Falling?

Virginia is likely to ban legacy preferences for public colleges next month, making it the first state to do so since the Supreme Court struck down affirmative action. Others are poised to follow suit.

Undocumented Families Locked Out of New FAFSA

The new Free Application for Federal Student Aid form has been giving undocumented applicants and their families problems since its...
A group of undocumented students hold protest signs. One yells into a bullhorn.

A Hunger Strike, Then a Letdown for Undocumented UC Students

The students began their hunger strike Tuesday to urge the University of California Board of Regents to allow them to be employed on campuses. It didn’t work.

Dacoda Scarlett presents to a group of rural high school students

A Reboot for Rural Recruitment

Washington University in St. Louis is increasing outreach to rural high schools in Missouri and southern Illinois to help diversify the student body.

An orange map of the world with arrows from countries to a campus building in the U.S.

A ‘Near-Record’ International Student Surge

U.S. enrollment of international students surpassed pre-pandemic levels in 2022–23, fueled by sharp upticks from India and Africa. Will the trend continue?