New Ideas for Ph.D. Education

State officials hear about -- and encourage -- non-residency programs and efforts that combine faculties at two universities.

BMW Professors

Auto company not only finances exceptionally lucrative endowed chairs at Clemson, but interviews all finalists.

We Regret to Inform You...

As NASA has moved money away from science, some researchers have lost money and young talent virtually overnight.

Can a Start-Up College Revive a City?

In Harrisburg, Pa., public funds help a private college attract minority students to science fields.

Tenure Denied, and Accusations Fly

Former professor at Youngstown State U. charges that the institution created minority-only positions, which it denies.

Paying by the Program

Public institutions nationwide are increasingly varying undergraduate tuition rates by major.

Another Rankings Fiasco at 'U.S. News'


Portland State University's engineering college has been transformed into "a national and international academic and research institution." The excellence of the college "illustrates how state investments in higher education can increase programmatic capacity." The university's electrical engineering department is so good that it's in a "top 10" listing with such institutions as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley. "We knew PSU engineering was significantly under-ranked. But Top 10? Wow! It made my day. Go PSU!”

Some Old Fusion for NYU?

New York University and Polytechnic University, in Brooklyn, are restarting talks over a possible merger -- and a potential reunion.

Mississippi State in the Silicon Valley

Starkville is a long way from San Jose, but ambitions of two universities are being combined. Many praise creativity of the approach, but some fear impact on California's master plan.

A Campaign of Many Grievances

Engineering faculty at Washington University in St. Louis submit petition to oust their dean, but it lists no specific issues. Beyond the signatures are a multitude of reasons....


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