New Revelations About USC Admissions

Applicant admitted for "special interest."

August 26, 2019

An indicted father in the college admissions scandal is requesting by subpoena the University of Southern California's records about to what extent the admissions process in influenced by donations, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Several parents who have not pleaded guilty are reportedly planning to suggest in court that their payments -- bribes? -- were simply gifts.

Whether that will work remains to be seen, but the Times story reveals a number of things about the scandal:

  • Robert Zangrillo, a Miami financier, is requesting data on what percentage of donors of $50,000 or more have had their children admitted.
  • Prosecutors say that Zangrillo paid Rick Singer (the mastermind of the scheme) $200,000 and paid another $50,000 to an account controlled by a USC administrator.
  • One of Singer's employees is alleged to have taken an online art history class for Zangrillo's daughter.
  • When his daughter was admitted (as a transfer), her application said that she rowed 44 hours a week. Prosecutors said she didn't row.

USC officials are opposing the subpoena as a needless intrusion into their work.

Amber, Zangrillo's daughter, is a USC student who was admitted as "special interest" applicant. She faces no charges.


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