The Week in Admissions News

International interest in U.S. business schools down; Chinese students in decline; SAT bill vetoed; a Pell Grant match; Democrats on Higher Ed Act.

October 21, 2019
  • International interest in U.S. business schools declines.
  • After an unprecedented boom in Chinese undergraduate enrollments, universities see declines.
  • California governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, has vetoed a bill that would have allowed districts to use the SAT or ACT instead of the state's required math and reading tests.
  • The University of Pittsburgh isn't offering free tuition. Instead, it's matching Pell Grants and shifting merit aid after calculating how much unmet need is too much.
  • House Democrats' proposal would steer new money to community colleges, restore regulation of for-profit colleges and overhaul student loan repayment, but will the Senate go along?


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