Colleges are under growing pressure to prove their “value” to students, parents, legislators, and others. The scrutiny can be uncomfortable, but more institutions are responding with serious efforts to measure and explain their value.

This week’s episode of The Key, the last in a three-part series on value in higher education, examines the data and metrics we’re using now – and those we might use going forward – to gauge the value colleges and universities are providing to their students and other constituents.

The conversations include Michael Itzkowitz, senior fellow in higher education at the center-left think tank Third Way; José Luis Cruz Rivera, president of Northern Arizona University and a member of the Postsecondary Value Commission; and Pamela Brown, vice president for institutional research and academic planning for the University of California president’s office. Hosted by Inside Higher Ed Editor Doug Lederman. 

This episode was made possible by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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