During the pandemic, many colleges and universities embraced a form of blended learning called HyFlex, to mixed reviews. Is it likely to be part of colleges’ instructional strategy going forward?

This week’s episode of The Key explores HyFlex, in which students in a classroom learn synchronously alongside a cohort of peers studying remotely. HyFlex moved from a fringe phenomenon to the mainstream during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the experience was imperfect at best, for professors and students alike.

This conversation about the teaching modality features two professors who have both taught in the HyFlex format and done research on its impact. Enilda Romero-Hall is an associate professor in the learning, design and technology program at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville who got her doctorate in a HyFlex program and taught using it pre-pandemic. Alanna Gillis, an assistant professor of sociology at St Lawrence University, had her first Hyflex experiences during COVID-19.

This episode was made possible by Kaplan

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