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About (Black) Face

The racism of old yearbooks at the University of Richmond is real and still creates pain, writes Eric Joy Denise. But the university is studying and learning from the bigotry of its past.

Amplifying the Voices of Sexual Violence Survivors

It is more important than ever that we in higher education work to make space for survivors to tell their stories, writes Eric Joy Denise.

'Playing The Game' for Black Grad Students

Eric Joy Denise shares advice and insights for new and prospective students.

A Unicorn in Academe

From my own point of visibility, I am able to allow others to feel seen, to feel they are not alone, to feel their struggles and experiences are valid and recognized, writes Eric Joy Denise.

On Being 'Conditionally Accepted' in Academe

Eric Joy Denise introduces a new career advice column.

Invisible Labor

Eric Joy Denise discusses the exploitation of scholars of color in academe.

Scholars Under Attack

Eric Joy Denise offers suggestions on how to offer support.

Push Back (A Little)

Sometimes, graduate students looking for their first jobs need to ignore what their faculty advisers think is best, writes Eric Joy Denise.