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New Retirement Benefits a ‘Massive Win’ for Employees

Louisiana lawmakers passed a bill to give faculty and staff more time to choose a retirement plan. They hope it will help keep “the best and brightest” in state.

Five Takeaways From the UCLA, Northwestern, Rutgers Antisemitism Hearing

Republicans sharply criticized Northwestern, but didn’t land any knock-out blows. UCLA avoided tough scrutiny. And this time, Democrats and faculty members went on the offensive.

College Leaders Testify on Capitol Hill

A House committee questioned the presidents of Northwestern and Rutgers universities and the chancellor of UCLA about their responses to campus antisemitism and student protests. Inside Higher Ed’s live coverage of the hearing is here.

Ultimatums and Deals for Some Remaining Protesters

Student demonstrations may be dwindling, but they haven’t disappeared. Campus leaders continue to respond to the encampments using a range of approaches.

Connecticut Lawmakers Put Final COVID Funds Toward Higher Ed

Governor is expected to sign the bill allowing state institutions to plug budget deficits with dwindling federal aid, a move some see as savvy and others as irresponsible.