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Cash-Strapped Catholic College Gets Unusual Gift

The founder of a higher education consulting firm has gifted his business to Viterbo University in a deal expected to diversify revenue as enrollment declines.

Value of College Degree Is Clear, but Public Skepticism Persists

A new report from the Pew Research Center shows that the wealth gap between people with and without college degrees remains wide.

South Dakota Bans Pronouns, Tribal Affiliations in University Email Signatures

Civil liberties advocates and students say the South Dakota Board of Regents’ new policy is part of a larger effort to “erase queer people from the public university system.”

The Litigation After the Protest Storm

After tense campus protests over the Israel-Hamas War resulted in hundreds of arrests and suspensions, universities are facing a wave of lawsuits in the fallout.

Defense Department Cuts 13 of its Language Flagship Programs

Linguists are concerned about the implications the elimination of these programs may have on foreign relations.