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Despite Affirmative Action Ban, ‘Business as Usual’ for Applicants

A new study found that across racial groups and achievement levels, applicants’ behavior was largely unaffected by the landmark Supreme Court ruling.

Affirmative Action Fallout Sours Donor Relations

The University of Missouri system is removing racial criteria from endowed scholarships, saying they run afoul of the Supreme Court’s affirmative action ban. Donors feel disrespected—and some may be ready to go to court.

Faces of the FAFSA Fiasco

The botched rollout of the new federal aid form is more than just a policy failure. It’s a human crisis. Inside Higher Ed’s “Faces of the FAFSA Fiasco” tells the story of the students behind the numbers.

A Vast, Untapped Pool of Stopped-Out Students

Each year millions of students enter the growing cohort of adults with some college but no degree. As enrollment struggles mount, institutions are starting to pay attention.

UNC System’s Controlled DEI Demolition

The University of North Carolina System Board of Governors voted to repeal the system’s DEI policy. Will the outcomes differ from those in states that did so through legislation?