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Fall Books Roundup

Scott McLemee looks ahead to forthcoming releases on higher ed, the culture wars and leadership.


Scott McLemee reviews John Rennie Short’s Insurrection: What the January 6 Assault on the Capitol Reveals about America and Democracy.

The Scholar-Magician

Scott McLemee reviews Anthony Grafton’s Magus: The Art of Magic from Faustus to Agrippa.

Knowing Our Fast-Changing Ocean

Scott McLemee reviews Tessa Hill and Eric Simons’s At Every Depth: Our Growing Knowledge of the Changing Oceans.

In Defense of the Thoughtful Life

fsvScott McLemee reviews Svend Brinkmann’s Think: In Defense of the Thoughtful Life.

Between the Living and the Dead

Scott McLemee reviews Carl Öhman's “The Afterlife of Data.”

Lost in Ideology

Scott McLemee reviews Jason Blakely’s Lost in Ideology: Interpreting Modern Political Life.

Before the Court

The Supreme Court looms large in this spring’s university press releases, Scott McLemee writes.