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Before the Court

The Supreme Court looms large in this spring’s university press releases, Scott McLemee writes.

Good Old Nostalgia

Scott McLemee reviews Tobias Becker’s Yesterday: A New History of Nostalgia.

‘One Planet, Many Worlds’

Scott McLemee reviews Dipesh Chakrabarty’s One Planet, Many Worlds.

We Are All Hoarders Now

Scott McLemee reviews Chip Colwell’s So Much Stuff.

Politics and Beyond

Scott McLemee looks ahead to university press releases forthcoming this spring. 

Is Literary Studies Facing an Extinction Event?

Scott McLemee reviews Jonathan Kramnick’s Criticism and Truth: On Method in Literary Studies.

Exorcising ‘The Exorcist’

Scott McLemee reviews Marlena Williams’s Night Mother: A Personal and Cultural History of The Exorcist.

True Criminology

Scott McLemee reviews Gregg Barak’s Criminology on Trump.